Amazon Cloud Reader has long been neglected by Amazon, but recently was updated with a new interface and features, making it uniform with Amazon’s mobile apps.

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Amazon Cloud Reader was recently quietly updated with a big UI makeover and features that make the app more consistent with Amazon’s mobile offerings through the Kindle app for iOS & Android. Kindle got an update for mobile apps back in 2017 with a clean white and blue theme.

Now you see me, now you don’t. Or do you?

If you use Safari as your main browser on macOS, you know how fast and simple Safari is compared to other browsers.

Sadly, sometimes, this issue comes up, and it makes you want to ditch Safari despite it being your preferred browser.

If you are encountering this issue, here are…

Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS isn’t the same Microsoft Edge on Windows/Mac. It’s lacking an important security feature found in other browsers.

Microsoft Edge’s Welcome Screen

Hello, I am Travis M. I am a Microsoft Insider/Enthusiast that got Microsoft’s attention back in 2016 with an article telling Microsoft they need to release Microsoft Edge on mobile platforms if they really want people to use their browser. I listed many reasons why they should release their browser…

You can still backup all your photos and future photos with this workaround. Though, you’ll need to buy an older Pixel device.

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Google recently changed how Google Photos will work going forward. If you haven’t heard, Google announced that Google Photos will no longer backup photos for free, and that…

Mozilla should focus on improving their offerings instead of blaming competitors for Mozilla’s lack of innovation.

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Before I start, I just wanted to say that I love Firefox & Mozilla. It used to be my preferred browser, and I kid you not, I used to talk about it so much, my family and friends in school got annoyed. …

Do you find YouTube too distracting? Or the lack of power user control annoys you? Maybe you found a new YouTube channel filled with clickbait in your recommendations that you’d rather flat-out block? With these browser extensions, you can make YouTube your own.

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If you use YouTube, the chances are that you’ve been frustrated with it about something. The lack of a repeat button if you use it for music, the lack of a speed increase/decrease button if you use it for podcasts, or the lack of being able to force YouTube to…

The New iTunes is nowhere to be seen on Windows but has been on macOS since WWDC 2019 (Nearly two years ago!)

Before we begin: iTunes revolutionized the music industry when it came out and did the same for movies and tv shows. For years now, Apple neglected its Windows Software, and it is more noticeable now in 2021 than ever.

In 2020, a great side effect of being laid due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had a lot of time to watch shows that I’ve always wanted to like Broadchurch, The Good Place, Star Wars: TCW and Star Wars Rebels, and to expand the universe of existing shows with things…

You can get way more from your Kindle Device than the average person knows. In this article, I’ll show you how to unleash your Kindle’s full potential.

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Amazon’s Kindle device is a wonderful device that allows you to read millions of books without worrying about bending pages, creasing pages and getting your book wet. …

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